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DISH CD Release Party

Hi, Rainbow City Band!

Dear Dykes, Divas, Mullets, and Queens;

You are invited to attend DISH's debut CD release party. Be one of
the first to purchase DISH's self-titled first album, which includes
fan faves "Dykey Girl", "The Woman With 10 Cats", "Amazing Taste",
and "Princess Xena".

Wrote one DISHy fan, in anticipation of this release:

"DISH is absolutely marvy, they rocked the show at the Verbena Souper
Bowl last November. Can you imagine the transformation of KD
Lang's 'Constant Craving' into 'Constant Shaving' as from the point
of view of a sex change? Very funny writing, done with perfect vocal
supporting parts. That's the kind of stuff they do, which makes for a
very entertaining car commute with this in your car cd player, which
is why it's a great purchase!"

Imagine...with a DISH CD, you can get a taste of Dirty, Delisha,
Diva, Sugar, Candy, Saucy, and Deep any time you're hungry for
irrreverently scrumptious a cappella.

So come to Salon Zaffa on Wednesday, Feb. 15th 7pm - 9pm
1550 North 34th Street, Seattle, WA
Cross street: Woodlawn and 34th, right beside the Essential Baking Company
and behind Gasworks Park in Fremont
Come have some snacks and celebrate DISH's success
with them. We'll sing selections from our CD...and more!

Kisses, The DISH newsline
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